GSASC 2021 Board of Directors

James Barber, MD

Southeastern Orthopaedics

Malcolm S. Moore, MD
Eye Center of Central Georgia

H. McMillan Starr, Jr., MD
Georgia Surgical Center on Peachtree

Past President
Jean L. Calhoun, RN
East West Surgery Center

Bret C. Crumpton, D.O., F.A.O.C.O.
West Georgia Eyecare

Tina King
Affiliate Member

Becky Mann, RN
Houston Orthopedic Surgery Center

Shahriar Sedghi, MD
Endoscopy Center of Middle Georgia

Joshua Seymour, RN
Perimeter Surgery Center of Atlanta

Christopher Walsh, MD
Resurgens Orthopedics

Administrative Director
Peter Lohrengel
Phone: (888) 526-9450
Email: [email protected]